Royal Deeside PassporTour Augmented Reality

The Royal Deeside PassporTour was designed with an extra level of interaction to further your enjoyment of the content. This development is pretty unique to the guide and we hope you will enjoy uncovering more hidden gems.

So... throughout the Royal Deeside PassporTour Travel Guide you will find the Aurasma symbol. This marks a page with a image that can be scanned by a mobile phone device & the downloaded app. Great fun for the those that can't put their phones down!

Heres a flavour of what you can find with 1 of the 24 images available.

Start now by:

1 Download this app to your phone for FREE at 

2 Install and create your Aurasma account

3 Use the Aurasma search bar to find DeeTourDeeside and follow us. If you don’t then the images won’t scan.

4 Scan

Now have fun with the stories hidden in the PassporTour!

Simply scan your phone over the images on any page where there is an Aurasma logo shown in the footer. Look for the purple logo above.

How to can do this by pressing the purple box at the bottom of the screen (on your phone) or depending on what type of phone you are using it may open straight into the camera.

This will then turn from flashing dots to a solid circle...wait...and then the story unfolds by video, website or further information.

As well as checking out the Aurasma within the book, you can also discover famous people of the past like Queen Victoria, Macbeth or the Wizard of the North by using their Apps too.