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North East Scotland - There’s something about the scale and grandeur of the place, between the mountains and the sea. You can roam for miles and miles across great estates, expanses of moorland, ancient Caledonian forests, rolling farmland, vast dunes, wide sandy beaches and expansive coastlines. It’s a place of big skies and wide horizons, loved for its fresh clear air and the quality of its light. In summer, days are near endless, sunsets stretch out, darkness is brief.

The hand of history has touched the land, with ancient sites and symbols that mark this as a heartland of the ancient Picts. In the millennia that followed, no fewer than 300 castles were planted here, and many can still be seen or visited to this day. You can still hear words from an original Scots languages – Doric – and feel its distinctive culture alive in its genial “couthie” people and its “affa fine” traditions – not least the fiddle-playing, the bothy ballads and the highland gatherings.

As the area, has so much to offer, we had a passion to create gifts that capture a tiny part of the overall essence of this wonderful area. Gifts creating a memento of your visit. Or not been able to visit yet, perhaps an opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one to a little keepsake. You can explore more in our shop area. Planning on a visit in the future, then you may also be interested in a sightseeing visitor pass, available on our sister site the Northern HighLights.

Northern Highlights Pass

A Northern HighLights Pass is a sightseeing card which gives visitors excellent discounted entry to some of the best selected attractions, museums and activities in various locations in North East Scotland.

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