The River Dee in Royal Deeside

Celebrations at Banchory Lodge Hotel captured by Braemar Multi Media earlier this year at the traditional Scottish River Dee Opening Ceremony.

The River Dee is a popular salmon river, having a succession of varied pools, some rocky and some gravelly, which are intersected by sharp rapids.

Rising from it’s source at the Wells of Dee spring some 4000ft high up in the Cairngorm National Park Mountains, it passes through 85 miles of some of the worlds most stunning scenery until it finally reaches the sea at Aberdeen.

The main tributaries of Geldie, Lui, Clunie, Gairn, Muick, Tanar and Feugh all flow into it, so making the total catchment area some 825 square miles.

Silver Dawn by Howard Butterworth

"Silver Dawn" by Howard Butterworth

It has been called the “Silver Dee” and that is easy to see why. With its fast flowing pure crystal water, which sparkles in the sunshine whilst it tumbles and cascades its way down through the valley, it is a very popular river with many fishers, locals and visitors to the area.

However it is also home to a variety of wildlife and has international conservation status for its populations of salmon, otter and freshwater pearl mussels. You can read how the River Dee Trust based in Dinnet is working on restoring the natural habitat for some of these endangered species. The crisp clear Dee Water which can run high due to the Cairngorms snow melt, sustains these animals as well as the 3000.000 people it serves tap water to every day. Thus protecting the river supports this wildlife and many more but it is also vital as the heart of community life on Royal Deeside.

For some reason the Dee does not become peat-stained to anything like the same extent as its bigger neighbour, the Spey, in spite of the many peat-covered hills, which border its course.

The surrounding scenery is equally majestic as at intervals along its banks there are lovely woods of birch, fir and pine trees, with the added pleasant scent of pine needles and pine forests to add to the enjoyment.

You can click through the links to find out more about the River Dee & Fishing the River Dee .


River Dee Celebrations continue in Banchory for the Banchory River Festival weekend 10th and 11th June 2017




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