PassporTour Tool Kit

Here are several ideas of how to work with the Royal Deeside PassporTour

Simply Copy, Paste & Share



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For accommodation providers, perhaps include details with a client’s booking confirmation.

Heres is our example that we are happy for you to use.

Whilst staying with us & exploring Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire you may wish to use this handy wee pocket sized visitor guide that offers over £200 + vouchers to local businesses offering attractions, activities and retail savings. Click Here to find out more.

Royal Deeside PassporTour can be purchased for an accommodation providers use at a special business rate.

We have sample pages of the PassporTour that can be shared by any business via social media or a direct link. 
A PassporTour interactive tour map, which could also be a helpful tool, especially for those businesses featured on the map.We have created a Google Trail map of all the businesses that have supported us. if you wish to use /share this please feel free.


Direct Link to Map

Embeded Code for the Map

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Direct Link for Sample Pages


Embeded Code for Sample Pages

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