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This area is renowned for its acres of rich, fertile land and the clear spring waters which cut through it. However, the rugged terrain also adds a special something to locally produced spirits and beverages.

Whisky - Scotland’s national drink, whisky, “uisge beatha” in Gaelic (oosh-ga beh-huh), means “water of life” has been produced for longer than anyone can remember.

The "Angel's share" or "Angel's tax" refers to the 4% of whisky that evaporates every year, however once the bottle is opened the angel can't touch it, as it does not evaporate!

Gin - 70 % of gin produced in the UK is actually made here in Scotland. You'll find a superb range of various styles, infused with some wonderful natural botanicals.


Rum - Did you know that the first rum distillery in Scotland is here in the North East located in Banchory?

Beer - Brewing in Scotland has taken place for over 5,000 years, started by the ancient Picts. Today the ingredients and methods used may have moved on, but the range of local ales and handcrafted brews are even more distinctive and wonderful.




Whatever your tipple – “Slainte Mhath” Good Health



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The Northern Highlights Sightseeing pass will be time sensitive, valid for either 2 or 5 days and comes with an interactive paper map covering North East Scotland. The product offers discounts  to participating attractions, activities, experiences and tours.

You can find out more from the tourism destinations and organisations.

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