Ancient Sites in North East Scotland

Rich in prehistory with megalithic sites, notable from the earliest period of recorded history, as well as several Roman sites. Evidence of ancient Stone Age and Pictish inhabitants abound throughout the region.


The Picts, a tribal grouping of people who lived in eastern and northern Scotland during the late Iron Age and Early Medieval periods.They took part in one of the most decisive battles in Scottish history - the Battle of Dunnichen, and if they had lost, Scotland might never have existed!

Best represented by their characteristic art, expressed in powerful animal and geometric symbols carved on large stones, cave walls, metalwork and bones and pebbles.

With many fascinating archaeological wonders to find, including Stone Circles, Round Burial Cairns, Clava Cairns, Long Cairns, Pictish Symbol Stones, Hill Forts, and Settlements, why not explore and delve back into the history of time!



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